Friday, 13 April 2012

black is the new black

suchita, delhi, april 2012

She is the marketing department from bbc, she has her own successful upcoming block. She is tall, beautiful and nice. And she has a brain.

suchita is 22 and established her blog/magazine one year ago. It supposed to present a different perspective of delhi, not focusing on negative things but positives. Showing how life can be amazing.

door, suchita's room, delhi, april 2012

We talk about equality, respect, uselessness of emancipation, advantages of being a woman and the beauty of the every day. She is eloquent, passionate, energetic and authentic.

Her parents are doctor and lawyer, academics, she know she is honored o have enough money. But she knows it is about work hard worked. But she also know she does wanna enjoy life, not just the money.

Next to her there are a lot of other, who do not consider money as the prime goal. Growing up in a surrounding of comfort in fulfilling primary interest such as food, secure living and education, young people feel the need to explore themselves and find theory personal goal.

I am like that. I guess. My parents are far away form being rich, but I never had to worry about food, about my home.  I always saw work as my passion, my passion my main focus in my life. Spending the most of time in work it should be fun. I decided.  Does it bring money? Not necessarily. sometime i am annoyed not to have a proper home, not to have certain clothe, money and time for going out and getting wasted, but just a but of a desire, as everybody has.

At home, in the forest I am the only one who thinks like that. In new york I met a lot like me. Dreamers and self-explorer.

She is a successful self-explorer. In all areas. Are you sometimes insecure? I ask

Yes I am but it is not very useful to be insecure to long. Does not get you anywhere. Just stops you. You need to work hard and believe in yourself.

bags, suchita's room, delhi, april 2012

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