Tuesday, 24 April 2012

project work...

house front, chapel road, bandra, mumbai

I was crying, just a bit. just cause of worrying, loosing self confidentness, being tired.

I need work. i haven't had work for weeks.  Finally i got an assignment and I need to work. Work means: understanding Brief, thinking, researching, finding and convincing.

Every single time i start a new project i have the same scareness: Entering a strangers life is like going to a different Country. Even so quite bering aware what will happen, certain factors are the same there is always the feeling of insecurity, the abstract, which can be filled up with a lot of thoughts. And they can get far.

I did not even get close to. I cried at the end. Not long. Short. Pittyfull.

Initially the family was really excited about the idea. Appointment for next day. I was there. They not. Searched for them. Came back on an advice of a woman. Again one hour waiting. They were not there. Almost leaving, then the dad came. 

'Tomorrow Morning, come- yes we are still interested.'

Next Morning- the Mum is opening the door:

'My daughter is on holiday, with her grandparents in delhi.'

I like honesty. Or good liar.

aftermath:  i never met a family, but therefore an other family. a good family, with interest. i was a bit nervous, talked, there was no convincing, took images, laughed, enjoyed their company.

assignment was done. 2 days later, beautiful images. i got 2 more assignments from magazines.

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