Tuesday, 10 April 2012

going shopping

liquor store, old delhi, april 2012

There are a few places in old delhi where you can buy alcohol. Restaurants and 2 shops. At least which we know.

Mads is buying the alcohol. In a little shop. He said it was a fight. People were cicking him, punching him in this stomach. The seller just calm.
Yesterday we tried to guy beer in our hotel. Say have it. it is a bit more expensive but it is ok.  The waiter said no, they would not have it. the other guest bought it last night. I went to the customers, asked them. They bought it  just before. I went back. Shouted at him. 5 minutes later he brought the beer. But then it is finished. Please

On a holy day you do not drink alcohol. They think. Today it was one.

Drinking alcohol in old delhi is not seen as good thing. People who are buying it are embarrassed. Bad pubic behavior. Some of them send a rickshaw driver there, pay him to buy the alcohol.

I buy alcohol, sometimes, more less than more often. Depending on the content I am in I am feeling less or more weared. Alcohol in western society is accepted. Coming form an area where you drink sometimes beer for breakfast it is actually weared to refuse alcohol.

In varanasi for a long time wheat and cannabis was allowed. Alcohol is forbidden there. Because of religious aspects.

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