Sunday, 20 May 2012

aha effekt

book, good earth, mumnai, may 2012

Do you have this sometimes? Your life feels like one of these cheesy amerce series, where in each is episode another topic is discussed in different narrative themes around the main protagonist?

My theory is that it is kind of a filtration process. You just see certain things, highlighted, other muted.

This morning I had an interview with a guy, an innovation trainer. And author. He wrote the book 'breaking through innovation'.  Was for a bigger project, just to get information.

He started off in the 60s as a creative manager. People come to him, when they do not know where to go from where they are. They are mostly companies. With lot of money. so he is something like a business consulting. The book is about people who had ideas, innovative, without him.

This was this morning. Hours later I was visiting divia, in her store with books.

India is a growing country. A lot of people demand a lot of new things they can buy with their new money. Therefor a lot of companies are needed. Big small. new, old ideas. That’s the idea. But with good ideas. That’s the book for.

In Germany you find a lot of books on happiness and how to live in the moment. I guess you find everywhere a market for everything.

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