Monday, 14 May 2012


me, at home, bandra, mumbai 2012

So I started now. The Bollywood world and me.

Step 1: getting smart.. Or good-looking.

Outcome: semi- no make up at home, raji not here, far too hot outside. Fancy clothes reduced to shotties and nice shirt. I think

Result: next time bring more fancy clothes, and buy them before or both.

gloria jeans, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

Step 2: go to the café called Gloria jeans and wait there till somebody comes.

Aim: get scouted by an agent for foreign actors

Outcome: Sad. Nobody was there in the first place. Me alone with one India guy and the people who were working in.

Place anyway not to good because of workers in front of the building who are occupying the streets and the view on me.

I bring my laptop. Do not want to hang around intensely. Too many other things to do. I think.

So I am siting here outside d the only person who notices me is the little girl who asks for some money and stares at me.

Result: preplanning and organization. Don’t go to a place when there is nobody else interested in going

street worker, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

Step3: ask another actor for advice

Aim: get more profound research knowledge about how to make it

Outcome: ok. In the middle of the mall we meet, chat about advantages or disadvantages of being a foreigner, being committed and having spirit.

He says I would have. A lot of journalists changed to acing. He knows them, he says. He can maybe introduce me to people, bring me to parties. First I need to meet his producer friend. Than the gym.

He is nice, a bit excited and too positive. But he is nice. That’s not it.

The problem is the idea about networking makes me feel sick. Too time-consuming.

So Step 5: contacting an agency
Outcome: 2 lacks for talking to a foreign actor, 1 lack addition prizing for each one.
Result: Dear Sir, dear Madam,

Due to the high costs…


seller, mc donalds, andari west, mumbai, may 2012

After that meeting I stopped my project. Too many other things came in between. Other ideas. More interesting ones. The actor writes me, a lot invited me for diners, parties. I never had time. Even for a shooting with some Pakistani famous celebrity. Was shooting for my won projects.

Shooting has this mysteriousness around it. Everybody want to be dress like them act like them, be them. To meet them in life would be one of the biggest dreams. Or at least one of them. That’s why I wanted to be part of it. to see how it is really.

But actually I am not. Obviously not enough or at least not in Bollywood.

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