Monday, 28 May 2012


fruits, dadar, mumbai, may 2012
they are running, quick. packing up all their belongings, standing up and disappearing behind the corner.

the police is coming, they are illegal here. this is what i understood. and they are not allowed to be here.

obviously, but actually never thought that. really. as wel as having pirtae dvds as really really illegal.. not just pretentious.

i came here to buy those amazing bags. the guys in the hypermarket told me to go there. there would it be. everything. a lot of them.

when i was there there was nothing, just fancy bags for family mothers ad their daughters, or traveler bags. but not just simply far too cheap bags out of fantastic material, which hardly rips ever. perfect

stall, dadar, mumbai, may 2012
my theory is. i am always going to the family market, the worker market, where you really have those bags is in accessible for me.. to much of a different class. that's why people tell me form the wrong market, because the family market is already an compromise for me.

kids clothes, dadar, mumbai, may 2012

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