Sunday, 20 May 2012

just a visit..

wall with poster, phoenix mall, mumbai, may 2012

Divia studied with me. Kind of . we were in the same city. Had common friends to start with. Became friends.

She was living in London, studied interior design lived wish Leila. After finishing she moved fairly quick back to India.

Since 4 years she is designing now the surfaces from a big shop. A really good shop. She always wanted to work there. For years. No she got it. for the last four years.

She is the only surface designer there. Responsible for this and 8 other stores. This store has two levels. Plates, glasses, cutlery, clothes, bedding, furniture. She works everyday from 10 till 9 in the evening. Sometimes longer. She loves her work, thinking organizing telling. Being creative.

ceiling, good earth, mumbai, may 2012

I am visiting her. Big store, beautiful. Very Indian. Go with her for a drink. Have a chat. She is apologizing not having seen each other for a couple of weks. Living 5, maybe 10 minutes apart. Working a lot, being tired after work. Needing to travel. That’s ok.

Some people work for the work and some for you. Work is important, for me. I am happy when I am working. Makes me focused. Gives me something to think. Need a lot of different thoughts a day.  Some people work for spending their money for having free time. Both is good.

Problem. If hobby becomes work and work does not demand free time what do you do when work doesn’t work out anymore?

Just a thought, self-reflective.

shop entrance, mumbai, may 2012
Side thought: in divia's place is a cupcake shop. Le15. The one I want to portray. One little French biscuit type of thing is 60 rupees. In flavors, passion fruit chocolate, pistachio, and masala. Even for Germany a good prize. I talk with the seller. Works at the company for a few years. In this place for 1.5year. She enjoys it, of course and smiles.

 Do you want to try one of our biscuits?
no, no it is too expensive. I am saying

But it is special?
I know but I know my money better to invest.

I smile. Its funny. She knows.

I know.

I tell her I wanted to write an article about the company, lobe the owner’s blog. Owner studied in Paris, before in Switzerland, is a patisserie, came back to India. Is mixing up India and French hout cousine.

Which one do you want to try?

Nono. I am saying. Yes, yes. She is saying. I try it once. Then I agree. I cannot say no. Too curious about the amazing biscuits why are worth 60 rupees per bite.

wall, mumbai, may 2012

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