Tuesday, 15 May 2012


chai and coffee, versova, mumbai, 13th may 2012
i guess it is always like that. you see somebody in a photograph, read about him and then you see the person and then the person is just a person. nothing new. but always new when it happens.

we are meeting in versova, in a coffee shop, with hyper expensive coffee. and cheep expensice chai. depends on the size.

i take chai, he as well.

we talk, he talks, most of the time, but i talk as well, surprising a lot for an interview. a dialogue, about his work, my work, life, phtoography, work. a lot and nothing, fashion and not.

he talks about is work, his development, his success, his dreams and wishes.

it is cold, the ac is far to cold. i am just in t shirt an shorts.

4 years ago now i finished my bachelor, had a final project. a series, still like it. a documentary photography project on my homeland and the vanishing. it went well, was shown in galleries, won prizes, seen in magazine, had some interviews. all this kind of stuff.

but it did not go really well. sometimes i got annoyed about it. why did it not ave the same amazing success than other people. why does it not go easy from hand lie the others, like his work.

one thing i realise when i am in a good mood quick success is sometimes not the best.  it stops you growing, doubting, criticising, learning, standing up. appreciation for my own work, for my hard way, for little success bits on the way, when i am in a good mood.

when i am in a bad mood i would wish i would be him.

manuo, versova, mumbai, 13th may 2012

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