Tuesday, 15 May 2012

tailoring 1

textiles, shalimar tailor, hill road, bandra, 14th may. 2012

I thought it would be easy. Go in, decide, go out again. Have a bit of conversation in between but that’s about it. I thought. But I did not expect it like that.

Piles and piles of textiles, in all kind of colors. But quite muted considering the fact that I am in india.

But it is a tailor shop for suits. Working clothes. Makes sense. The tailor is spasialised in suits: trousers and skirts, shirts and coats. But just with heavy material. Or more or less. No dresses. Such a shame.

textiles, shalimar tailor, hill road, bandra, 14th may. 2012
Tailors are not anymore fashionable, says the working collegue of the friend. Nity, which I got during one interview and who advised me to come here, brought me to the tailor today.
At the moment in india it is fashionable to buy things in a shop, not made with a taylor. She says. The working collegue of her was never with tailor, would love to go, but always forgot.

Nitya is going regularly, all her trousers are from here. Fitting perfectly. She says.

You can choose, pick and make your own design, and it is the same prize as a normal trousers, but you do not need to search. This is what I am saying.

room, shalimar tailor, hill road, bandra, 14th may. 2012

In Germany to get something made by a tailor is super expensive, very difficult to find and very fashionable.

When I was younger my mum got most of our things from the tailor. A woman, old one a bit further away, quite close to my sisters best friends. She was living in this small dark room, full of textiles, sewing material and cold cigarette smoke. She was full of wrinkles, her hands, her face, everything. I can remember that.

I got my skirts made at a tailor, when I was younger. One for me one for my sister, same cut, for me with braclettes, because I was younger than her. Then my dress for the confirmation, then long nothing. Because I did not want to. or so. Then again for my last dance in school. because I was tiny. But that was with a not her tailor, a better one who made all the dresses for this special occasion. Oh and not to forget my far to big coat. That was my last one. It was very expensive and did not fit at all.
textiles, shalimar tailor, hill road, bandra, 14th may. 2012
This time I get 2 trousers, one short, and one t shirt. Everything in blue. Different blue for me. Not for him. He was loughing.

At the end we talked about jackets. He can make them. And dresses, he can do. he just needs a picture. picture from a designer,  famous person, or just mine.

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