Tuesday, 15 May 2012

night night

hotel, southmumbai, mumbai, may 2012
mumbai is save. or beter they bombay is save. this is what laila always said to me.

in bombay you can go home alone by night by rickshaw. all good. nobody bothers you. you do not have to worry.

shop, middnight, bandra,  mumbai, may 2012

i am afraid when it gets dark. just a thing i blame my european upbringing with. when it gets drak i am feeling insecure, unettled, wanna go home.

and it is not about night and not night. it is about darkness.

shop and guys hanging around, bandra, mumbai, may 2012
darkness in india is the start of the day, suddenly people are coming out f there houses, spreading out into the streets, having a chat, looking at clothes, wondering around. chai shops opens their little wooden windows, peopel sitting around, on littel buckets and chairs.

the air is watery and hot during the day. not so bad humid as expected but your skin gets sweaty, very quick. when it gets darker it gets cooler, your sweat still on the skin, now dry. sticky. but at least cold. but not cold as cold, but warm. at least.

the city looks totally different during the night than during the day. the blogger said to me the other day. much more beautiful.

closed shop, bandra,  mumbai, may 2012
he never gets out during the day, maybe just for getting something from the shop. maybe for a cigarette. during the night he travels, goes to parties, bars, meets friends.

last time he went through linking road. the first time during the day. he did not recognise it.

wire, hill road, bandra, mumbai, may 2012
i love the day time, i love sun, i love heat.  i love the feeling of getting heated up by the sun, the smell of a bit burned skin after a long day on the beach outside. when it gets cooler and you stop calming down, with the sun. day is over. nothing is to be done anymore.

a huge majority of people in india are working during the night. in call centers, for example. the coach surfer guy was an engineer. he works from 10 pm till 10 am. american day time. it is ok for him. better payed. but above all good work mates. working during the night is not so good but what can you do. the americans won't get up during their night.

electricians, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

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