Sunday, 20 May 2012

another trial

textile, tailor, hill road, bandra, mumbai, 19th may 2012

The trousers are mine.


I made them?

But why? They are Levis.

He loves. I look at the perfect trousers, nice length, and shoe. Look perfect. Like them.

Can you remember? We talked about the tailor before. About the magic of getting something handmade and perfect fitted  trousers for the same prize of ones from hm.

I am back. With an idea and nervous and embarrassed. Two times in a week. That’s a spoiled tourist. I don’t know.

wall, tailor, hill road, bandra, mumbai, 19th may 2012

He is nice. He listens, he talks. Calm. I wanted to have a coat, a suit jacket, but not really. Much more relaxed.  A different much stronger material, nice pockets. Nice length.

His trousers are blue, deep blue, straight cut. A bit loose but far not too loose. Just fit perfectly.

He made them, he said this. He never wears other peoples clothes, cause he is what he is. But people like brands, labels. And his friend is working at a Levis factory. So sometimes he is ditching of the labels for the trousers. The big one on the ack. The little red one on the back pocket.

He also said, he was never out of Mumbai. Never. He started working with 11 and then worked, for 15 years. First as a runner, then an assistant, then he is overtaking the shop. His boss said. Since 4 years. He knows all the European cut, what woman wants. He knows it from the customers. He has a lot of European customers. They like to have there own thing without brand.

When I was in class 6 or actually during my whole youth brands were stupidly important. Levis trousers as much as skater shirts and jumpers. When I was in class 6 I convinced my mum to by me a super expensive t-shirt. For skaters, far too big. After the first washing it changed it colors, became brown patchy. I still have it at stayed my own skater shirt.

He says I am an unusual costumer. I want to have everything completely to the opposite to what people usually ask for.

I say I am a hipster. If you want to define me. Everything a bit too big, to small. But except quite understated. He is shaking his head, an 8 shake. Aha.. acho.

Subcultures, another thing do not really exist. Not in terms of clothes. A bit, but not like in my world with punks, metal friends, hippies and hipsters.

He jacket is beautiful.  First fitting. Narrow, very straight. No shoulder patches please. Not even soft ones. Arm length great. A bit too long. But not too. I will get 2 buttons in the front. Big ones. Two on my pockets. One chest pocket. The color is deep blue. Woolen, heavy texture

flowers, tailor, hill road, bandra, mumbai, 19th may 2012

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