Monday, 28 May 2012

kleider machen leute

t shirt with puppet, aiko, mumbai, 26th may 2012

I completely forgot the enjoyment of working on a picture. Instead of running around. Staying and creating. Using your imagination or just letting it flow.

I think that is my status. Too less experience to analyse or to have a system. No rationality behind it.

If you are not educated in something it gets more difficult if not impossible to articulate your actions. That does not mean you know less what you are doing.

In my first course conceptual photography it was all about the ability to vocolise your doing. It does not matter, if it is better or any connection is necessarily given. just because of it. I was shit at the beginning but as soon i realised that is all about it i was good. i saw amazing work developing and people starting crying in class. sometimes the same.

 and nobody told them. just tell your teacher say should become better to understand your work without needing to be told why it should be good. i think.

we are working on the pieces for the whole afternoon, tweeking around, sometimes talking sometimes doing. it is great, almost meditative. she likes it, i likes it. perfect. without talking.

puppet without t shirt, aiko, mumbai, 26th may 2012

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