Tuesday, 15 May 2012


electronic store, linking road, mumbai, 18th may 2012

Excuse me. This is what I said just this and I get this tirad of annoyance of this woman at me. 'excuse me!!! If you cannot walk properly on the streets don't come to india!'

According to her I should always leave a country if I complain. According to her.

But that's not the point. That's why I complain. Because of that.

Guys are always talking to me.,everywhere in every situation. Does not matter If I am interested or not. They shout, laugh. As a tourist u go not say anything. You are humble and friendly. Cause you do not wanna be rude to the owner of the place, because you wanna leave a good impression, because sometimes you feel petty.

But you do not complain. You always smile and say thanks. Just not to draw a bad picture on tourist. And the country.

Result is that Indians ate thinking tourist like it or in the minimal case are always happy. More likely have so much money and than that's why happy. Not everybody. I am talking about those ones on the street who either shout at me. Ask me for money or try to get something out if you,

My idea is I am a person, you are a person. If I do not like it than I do not like it because it is me.

Basically I am tired of being a stereotype.

So I shout, say weared things but shout a lot. One time a guy was laughing, giggling. I turned around he accused his friend ' he was it' I showed him the middle finger. Or the guy next to the streets talking, making fun about me taking photographs. Not with me but in front of me. I did the same.

And it works. Even I feel bad it works. They start to think. Consider, there action has an effect. Consequences. maybe a bit.

electronic store, linking road, mumbai, 18th may 2012

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