Saturday, 5 May 2012


mam and child, mall, bangalore, april 28th 2012
Bangalore ahs a lot of malls. Apparently, laila says. Big malls. With lot of stores with ac. Very important. The malls are different. Depending on area and consumer the content is from low till high end.

We were in the high end. Tommy Hilfiger, next to Calvin Klein, next to Benetton, next to Zara.

European brands, some Indian brands.

In between some places to eat. They are expensive even for me. A pizza 500 rupees. Too much for me. The clothes are ok. European standard, but nice. And nice to go shopping sometimes. Very satisfying. Sometimes.

basement, mall, bangalore, april 28th 2012

I do not know what it is about the idea of shopping or consumerism, but it feels good. Satisfying. Strange. Going into a place, searching for something, finding, handing over money and possessing. And being happy. Strange.

I like it. sometimes. At the moment very much.

Consumerism is compensation is a praising for doing well. Both I need. Plus I need a dress.

In the first hop I found it. the dress. Black, very light material. Fancy. For fancy occasions.

shop, mall, bangalore, april 28th 2012

The last time I bought a dress like that was ten years ago for my final day in school. Since then I bought jumper, shirts, trousers, 3 summer dresses. Charity shop.

We are going into zara, a European brand. I try some clothes, shirts, white, thin material. They are fitting perfectly, light. Suit my body. They are far too expensive. I put them back. Guess my compensation is not too bad or my praising of myself.

trying, mall, bangalore, april 28th 2012

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