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laila1, laila's home, bangalore, may 1st 2012
Laila is a festival coordinator.  She always wanted to that.

When she was younger she wanted to have a stall, a little stall on a flea market where she can sell her things.

Her mum was embarrassed when she said this, after the question. What do u wanna be when you are an adult.

In between she did a lot of things, painting, photography, travelling, being interested in helping the world.

laila2, laila's home, bangalore, may 1st 2012
laila3, laila's home, bangalore, may 1st 2012

Now she is organizing festivals. The first festival she did was in Bangalore, kitsch mandi. A little flea market. not really, more a handmade market. A lot of different people are coming. Young. Old. Now this becomes routine. 4 times a year, everything runs easily, the vendor owner stand in queues to be at her festival.

Now she is organizing bigger one.  music festival, theater. Goes to concerts, checks out people, musicians. Decided.

laila4, laila's home, bangalore, may 1st 2012

In September she wants to do a street festival in Bangalore. Kind of a neighborhood festival. The first one in Bangalore.

I can remember I had a couple of them in Leipzig, in Brooklyn. People on the street, making their own food, having music, games for kids. Opening up their apartments. Locals are coming, from the neighborhood, from other parts. A lot of fun. Very relaxed.

It india it is a totally new thing. Celebrating outside, not in a family.

I look at laila. She is excited, talks a bout people doing amazing things, talking about inventing something.

You know earlier times I thought I need to do something to improve the life of people who are in bad circumstances. It is obvious and easy to see. Nowadays I do not care so much, I do not care whom I make happy, middle class, upper class, lower. Just good to make them happy.

laila5, laila's home, bangalore, may 1st 2012

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