Monday, 14 May 2012

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summer camp, otter club, bandra, mumbai, may 2012
I love swimming. When I was younger and living in the village with my parents i swam everyday. 40 min. 30 min chest, 10 min crawl. I think it is called.

blackboard, summer camp, otter club, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

I love it. Water, weightless, cool. My dream have my own swimming pool or lake. Live the tiredness and freshness after workout. Lying in the sun, feeling the cold water, sleeping.

In the summer camp you learn swimming. Suposingly. Two groups starter and advanced. 4 trainers for 40 students, roughly. Between the age 3 and 30.

I  am in non group. I asked. Can I take part without sypervision. They said yes..

But come with one part swimsuit and cap. Ok. Not good but ok.

hairband, summer camp, otter club, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

I swim in my quarter. At the end next to the deep part where the advanced were and next to shallow where the beginners start.

In my follow up group there are a lot of girls, age around 25 plus minus. They start swimming now. In long clothes, crawl. They are very passionate.

In india not so many people can swim. Much less than u think. Even so they are mostly surrounded by water. If they go into the sea they jump around. Sport isn't the oldest idea in the country, like running. You walk, that's quick enough. Above all for woman.

Paradox should those one be the attractive ones. Depending on the zeitgeist thinner or bigger.

changing room, otter club, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

The girls are getting better, still stiff, but less kicking water. They were also in the deep water.

Psi am so glad I learn swimming when I was small enough And practice long time enough to know what I am doing.

door women, otter club, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

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