Sunday, 20 May 2012

a bit of a delay

lake and city scape, mumbai, may 2012

Another interview. In another part of the city. Relating to my Google map. Easy. Just take bus 33 and get there. Half an hour.

It took me about an hour. Lot of walking, running over motor drive, waiting for the nonexistent but and then ending up in the middle of nowhere of a big street, where his house is supposed to be. Supposed.

boy, mumbai, may 2012

I am agree at the phone my patience is coming to an end. He recognizes. 

I know. I am sorry. But I cannot help it. Mumbai is big, the street even bigger and inaccurate signing do not help. Strange little flies in the middle of the street not as well.

Finally he comes. He walks up to me. Shakes my hand. Lead me into his building. Up on the stairs.

I am still angree, but its is ok. He just carries on, doesn ‘t tart to argue with me. Just goes along.
office, mumbai, may 2012
Pankaji is visually impaired 80 percent. So that’s almost nothing but he can walk secure through the area, in his building just sometimes need prompting.

He says she was living here for almost all his life. In this area. Now he works here. Back home he goes by train.

Seeing is not everything and totally over estimated. Even so I like seeing it is not everything.

Like with raji. He is death. Still he loves listening to music, languages. Loves French, and Spanish. But Spanish much harder.
paper, mumbai, may 2012

I do not have much time need to get to my next appointment. He brings m to the railway station shows me the ticket counter. I take my Polaroid and he leave. 

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