Friday, 25 May 2012

a bit of arguing

wall, photo store, cst, mumbai, may 2012
 Background: kind of assignment for a nag. I took digital and analogue pics.,digital were not so good so I need to get analogues processed and scanned and please asap.

Getting netiva film processed is an issue, everywhere. In a small city above all, in Mumbai as well. I phoned up 19 shops, half hanged up because of communication difficulties, half of it fur not even know what I am talking about. At the end I found one. At cst. Processing by hand. Scan afterwards.

Negative film is amazing. Looking at a Beatrice makes you aware how many colour you miss out on a digital picture. All those tones which are so subtle that you can just grab this strange sense of texture, grabbing in it. Feeling it.

A digital picture us made out of pixel. One pixel next to each other. Even they are 20 million they are still fits. Analogue is a surface continues. A chemical light process an infinite number of pixels.

Then I got the film and scans worked on it. Perfect, almost.

desk, photo store, cst, mumbai, may 2012
 I can not save my picture? Me saying on th phone.
What you cannot. Your machine must be wrong? He says on the phone.
No look..
No no. you look.

We argue. He argues. He screams I scream. I know what to do. He knows better.

You cannot talk to me like that! He shouts a second later hear the slamming of the phone.

shop, photo store, cst, mumbai, may 2012
developing, photo store, cst, mumbai, may 2012

I am alone. I cannot believe. He turned the phone down. Never had something like that. Never. Not sure what to do. I dial again, the man answers. He screams talks and talks. No interest in conversation. I try. Result: finished with phone call.

I cry. Sorry but a bit helpless. Need to get the pictures, unlocked. He has it and I need it now, before the Internet will go.

Also I never had this situation. Up till now shouting helps in india. Quite well. You shout and people suddenly start to listen. But hear a bit different. Feel now double guilty.

I cry , I call. I know crying is a bit cheeky my last resort. It helps.

processing, photo store, cst, mumbai, may 2012

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