Tuesday, 15 May 2012

mumbai life...

man, alkohol store, bandra, mumbai, may 2012
'earlier times i went out till 8 am in the monring. no tpoblem. parents left me. the clubs were open. now everything is different. clubs have to shut at 1. 30. it is crazy.' a girl, not sure anymore telling me, at a part. ' i think it was due to some gouvernment change. now they made the closing time much earlier. say it is better'

i do not like so much nostalgic moaning. does not help. does not make it better. but she is the second one i heard this from.

whine, alkohol store, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

they are saying mumbai night life is not anymore like that. difficult to open up a space. to pay the rent to get the paperwork done. too many obstacles on the way.

then the police calls cool chef cafe destroying our youth. another hipster place gets shut down. both in a short amount of time. 

mumbaiboss is the blog in mumbai. for everything, new fresh popping up. amazing resource. love it. i am saying that.

street, alkohol store, bandra, mumbai, may 2012
the club scene started after the 90s, when the economy got more liberalized, western tv and clothes come in. and with it clubs, bars, literature and theater. the hipster were listen to 50 cent, the bars where packed and every week another club opened, time out writer naresh fernandes says. 

liberalisation and opening the gate seemed to swamp a flood of ideas into the country. being left out for years they seem to let everything which they can get in there hand.

the clubs always used to close at 1.30 . denny lee from new york times writes in 2005. but the police where cool with letting it open till 5 and 6. maybe this is different.

wall, alkohol store, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

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