Saturday, 5 May 2012

a bit ugly...

trainstation, bangalore, arpil 28th 2012

woman, bangalore, april 28th 2012

Bangalore is called the green city, people say so.

My friend laughs. I guess it is probably more the it city.

Indians are not good with waste. They do not what to do with it, there are not facilities for them to dispose it and there is just simple too much.

On the train people used to through it out of the window. Where else? No option and no consciousness for keeping and disposing it later. But also there is nothing.
When I was younger, I can remember, I had a magazine, my mum, TV series. Everything was about the environment, how we preserve, how we can improve and how we can rescue.
shoes, bangalore, arpil 28th 2012

In india there is waste, proper waste, such as plastic etc., since 20 years existing. 20 years but everything came at once. No chance to grow up with it.

At he moment there is a group of young artists who founded the ugly Indians.  A group of anonymous people who wanting try to help, educate and improve. Their message is simple. Make the surrounding more beautiful and people start to value it. Expectations are not high. 90 days. That’s ok, a good compromise.

The church street was the starting point. A Street in the center of Bangalore in middle of shops and restaurant was changed into a lovely viewable street. Walls were painted, pots of plants where put out, ashtrays and pissuares.

wall, bangalore, arpil 28th 2012
That was 1 year ago. Now they are in different parts of the city. The walls a re a bit more dirty, but the plants are still there, ashtrays, pissuares are used.

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