Saturday, 26 May 2012

the quest...

boys, block 3, koramangala, bangalore may 21st 2012

What do you do if you have to search for something but you actually do not wanna find it. Not really just kind of?

What do you do anyway if you have to find something but you have no clue?

Plus in a city with 7 million people finding 1 of them. In 3 days, the only help you tube and Facebook and some ideas in my head.

stand, church street, bangalore, may 21st

police, stand, church street, bangalore, may 22nd s2012

 I start to walk. I guess if I am good in sth than in that. I am not good in a lot of things. Taking digital picture is one of them. Composition and getting the beauty of life out us nearly impossible. Need a lot of darks and lights. Artificial. Anyway I am dam good in walking.

I walked in bangladesh all the time. Everywhere. Learned it in Bristol where  the bus system is too unrealistic, the hills to much for cycling and having a car too expensive.

It is hot. I start walking in the heart of Bangalore. My heart cause there is no Center. Except that. Really. So I am there and where the ugly Indians were.

standw, church street, bangalore, may 22nd 2012

You know them. I told you about them. A couple of weeks ago. I am back to search for them. A totally random trial.

I ask people living working on the streets. Bbmp I headed a lot. Sometimes volunteers, never the ugh Indians.

People live in their every day life l. If your nose is not getting thrown against what's happen people can miss it. I think.

chairs and table, shopping center, koramangala, bangalore, 23rd may 2012

sand, hopping center, koramangala, bangalore, 23rd may 2012

chair, hopping center, koramangala, bangalore, 23rd may 2012

Still people did not know. Not on church street, not on the lake, not in the residential area, lot of the . But in between they did. Better than I thought.One time I met an ugly Indian who could or wanted not deny it. One time I am still sure I met three of them, who denied it.

What is fake what is real depends on the perspective, your perspective. Is it important. With them and the ugly Indians.

Ugly Indians are about the action. Initially. Then about the group and the intention. Than a lot of rules come along and then in some points the people.

toilet, hopping center, koramangala, bangalore, 23rd may 2012

The people are important. No question. Why? Why the damn they are spending time on that? Yes important but not them as an individual. If they like humor. Fish or rather meat or potato. I am not concerned. Does not have anything to do with the story. Unless a lot of them eat fish rather meat. But maybe not then relevant.

playground, mg road, bangalore, may 23rd 2012

bergamen lake,  bangalore, 23rd may 2012
bergamen lake2, bangalore, 23rd may 2012
topf,bangalore, 23rd may 2012

My point, here, is. It is relevant to know who they are. And if so or not. What is relevant and why?

Anyway that is when u find everything. What do you do if you do not find everything?

After three days I have a good amount of informations but not him, the person behind. But I know it is one person. Aguy ( why do I actually think iris a guy?) but not him. That's ok. Because it is not about him. Sorry. If it would be about him and not about the zeitgeist he maybe would be not recognised.

sahri, sahrishop, mg road, bangalore, 22nd may
,items  sahrishop, mg road, bangalore, 22nd may

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