Sunday, 20 May 2012

what it used to be

cookies, trainstation, malad, 18th may 2012

I get jugged out. literally. The guy said no. so he says no. I need to go. The guy says who came with me.

It is a private premises. That’s it. nothing you can do. he says. Not that literal but kind of.

house, way to bombay talkies, malad, 18th may 2012
house, way to bombay talkies, malad, 18th may 2012

I am on Bombay talkies. Today it is an area, just another area as a lot o places in Mumbai. Residential, shops in between, a bit of industry. Crowdy little streets, occupied mostly with people and rickshaws. The usual.

50 years ago it used to be the production company of Bollywood. In the 30s , when it was build up, during the world war, when they had a bit of a crisis and in the 5s when they declined till they left.

Remainings should be there, but cannot see them. Not what google images tell me. Instead of that empty trucks, a bed outside, a chair. Two dusty cars. One of them is a rickshaw.
Bombay talkies got really bad press. For its being. Or better say not being.

phone, outside bombay talkies, malad, 18th may 2012

Why do people always have to live in the past. Are crying because of memories?

In Mumbai there is no space for memories. Nostalgic moments cost time and time to expensive. They guy might think.

But the heritage. The start. We do not talk about another statue of ghandi, we talk about Bollywood.

At the end i guess the argument is about money. who has the money decides. 

power station, outside bombay talkies, malad, 18th may 2012

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