Tuesday, 15 May 2012


furniture1, bandra west station, mumbai, may 2012
this is the way you buy furniture. it does not get better. maybe. but that is pretty good. for the normal person. living in bandra. or have you seen and furniture shops around? any ikea?

ikea will come, for sure. not sure why it is not already here.

furniture2, bandra west station, mumbai, may 2012
costa coffee is here, and zara, and mango, and bagels, no starbuck. also interesting. also not so often supermarkets. maybe a bit bigger than one room without door markets, but mostly not huge. not like an aldi or the general size of tesco, local obviously.

the choices are small, in shops, local shops, like the furniture area. not like different colors in same design, different additions, build together in homemade way. you have one kind of soups, maybe 3. lot of different kinds of rise and grain tho.

shopping interest depends on teh culture, what? how? wher? but above all what?

all the mangos i saw so far look the same. in india, say they, you have about 50 different kinds.

furniture3, bandra west station, mumbai, may 2012

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