Tuesday, 15 May 2012


bollywood movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012

at the beginning it is a bit slow. they are talking, the woman and the man. they are both young, standing in front of the roughly 50 people, sitting on chairs. don't understand what they are saying. traffic is bad, in the back. loud, cars are passing, using their horn. loud, constantly. not sure how loud the speakers for the movie will be.

we are in chapel road, the road in the area, which is full of hipsters, painted walls and old fiherman families. it is time for a movie. today. bollywood. because of the birthday of bollywood next year, because of bap.

bollywood movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
bap is an organisation. bap means bollywood art project. much better is bap. sounds a bit more mysterious.

bap are people who love painting walls. and they love bollywood. and next year it is bollywoods birthday. did i say this already?

and for the birthday they try to paint. as much as possible. and big please. repaint posters from famous bollywood movies, all over the city, the country, where ever.  everybody should see it because bollywood is for everybody.

audience, movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012

bollywood in india is massive. no doubt. everybody is watching one or the other movie. specifically people in the village. they watch it, they dream it, they dress like that, or try to.

if you wanna have your clothes seen and worn by a lot of people get it into a movie. any movie. if you wanna be seen in the movie good luck.
the city is full with actress and wanna be actress, coaching schools, coacher, agencies. i contacted on coaching school, because out of interest, getting in touch with foreign actress. they ask for 2 lack ( 200 000 rupees) charge,  1 lack extra for every actress.

audience2,movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
audience3, movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
mumbai is full of people connected to bollywood. actress, director, scriptwriter, make up artists, boy for everything, a not even countable amount of assistants, researchers, more actress, more assistant of assistant.

and if not that marketing, coaching, marketing, press, schools, clubs, building companies.

one example: 2003 bollywood released 877 feature films and 1177 short film. hollywood 473. and that is just the production. movie tickets are the cheapest in whole south asia and still earning 2.9 mio $.

titantic is the only hollywood movie which made it into the top 5 list in india.

at the film festival in cannes 2011 a lot of indian actress and directors wore. unfortunally in the european press they were either not mentioned or the name was wrong. the photographers from agencys such as ap came from india but still not recognised them.

audience3, movie, chapel road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012

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