Saturday, 26 May 2012

a lucky dip

picture, train station, bangalore, may 2012
Great result within 5 month of my life:

First my lap top's motherboard broke, which means new one. When this was fixed my blackberry broke completely. When this was kind of ok, my I pod got stolen, got replaced with another this time i phone and the head of my tripod finished his life. In between stomach pain from strange bowel movement till death like behavior,  not healing but therefor swelling  and I don't know. Oh lost a few annoyed editors on the way. Even more maybe friends and for sure seeing themselves desired  boyfriend of white girl  ( and can say this without even twitshing) and then also some treasures of moments and people.

3 today:

girl, train station, bangalore, may 2012
Or front of the timetable: a little girl suddenly stands in front of me, stretches her arm, her hand. I think for a moment another child who got send and taught by parents to get money from rich whites but her hand was different. Flat but sideways. I shook her hand, gave it a try. She suddenly ran, laughed, jumped And ran back to her mom.

waiting, train station, bangalore, may 2012

Tried to find in rush hour a rickshaw guy who would bring me from kolomagala to the bangalore city station. Thought it would be hard cause of city rush hour but not so. 2 said no, even after offering 200 ruppes. So stood around looked. Waited. Finally rickshaw driver came, said yes, took me there, even asked me which way I would like to go and did not rip me off. Not even secretly.

Every single time I get a fair pay I could cry. Seriously and the. Tip him so much that he would get even the rip of fare.

doctor, train station, bangalore, may 2012
doctor2, train station, bangalore, may 2012

Long before that. Queuing in the supermarket. Indian Woman in front if me, than me. Boy came with some lemons, stopped Hal in between me and woman. Jumped the quid. Really? Could not believe, killed him with my mind, he ignored me. Woman  turned around' go back in the queue' and too me ' typical  Indian'

Oh and lot of nice moments with girl who is selling always and always between the hottest day hours cancer variety things for far to little.  Always smiles and stands there in long trousers and nice shirt without getting sweaty.

Or the young doctor in the Bangalore city station who takes care of my ridiculous wounds and discusses with the nurse and me the importance of marriages.

Sometimes I think I am lucky, very. Sometimes I thinking am unlucky, very.

food, train station, bangalore, may 2012

And in between seems nothing. And sometimes I would wish I would have a bit more demoralised or balanced way of looking at the world.

Oh forgot, lap top almost broke Sunday cause of strange electricity system in trains and my ignorance if reading notes on technical equipment, lost my flight ticket and my mobile for  at least 5 minutes each.

And above all it is not finished yet. 4 more days to go.

warning, train station, bangalore, may 2012

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