Friday, 25 May 2012

birthday party

basket, between andheri and bandra, mumbai, 20th may 2012

it is my birthday. on a birthday i can wish whatever i want. that's the rule whereever i am.

for my birthday i wish a train wit powerplug and just a day full of writing and piece.

i got the ticket. trainride. 8 am till next day 8 am. perfect spend my birthday far away from internet and phone. i like it.

i never really liked birthdays. think no that many positive memories around it.

just small one, with my best friend, red allergic heads because of too much nervousness, lost voice etc etc. the list is long.

simple i am not interested and treat myself well.

i am in the train. just wanted to start writing. look at the  power plug system. it worked, with others. with me it worked at the begining. till something happen. not sure what but something happened. result: no charging of my lap top. instead my computer gave up his working, just out of the station in bangalore.

thanks for the present.  i am annoyed, just payed so much money for nothing.

bed, train, between mumbai and bangalore, 21st may 2012

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