Tuesday, 15 May 2012

the mall...

the mall, new link road, andheri west,  mumbai, 8th may 2012
he is an actor. above all. then an event organiser. and then both. anyway it is goof for networking. and it is cool and fun.

he is young around 30, has long black hair, perfect flattened, fine. his face very expressive, long skinny nose, long chin line. he is skinny, but tall. he smiles, jumps around me. not literally jumping, just a bit, excited. he talks a lot.

we were walking around at the top floor of the mall. choices between ccd, pizza and mac donalds.

what do i want? i do not care
what do you want. i ask
he does not know iether.
then icecoffee at mc donalds.

we are sitting in between families and youngsters. people look a bit at him. he does not fit into the scene. so me either. who more. i am not sure.

we are talking about acting, about actor, about bollywood, about my face about his face, about suitability, about networking. about me coming to parties.

would he be one of stars? and much better question would i care if he would be one of the stars?

right now he is being part of some movies, 6 he made in total. in three years. a lot of commercials. got the big hit in the first three month. he had a bit of a foreign look. his grandparents are from iran. so that helps. but not just. because it is a bout personality, about whom you know, how you deal with people. first you are starngers to each other, than you know each other and than you are best friends. like you and me. he says.

networking is a skill. different association in different cultures. depends. as usual. networking in his world is a crucial aspect of the job, just what you do. good networking is honored and respected, bad is laughed at or looked at pittyfull.

networking in my world is sleeky, sleazy., has nothing to do with the ability and the talent itself, but rather trying to indulge somebody in order to make the work, himself better. positioning better.  i hate it.

i won't understand him and he not me. both we are looking pittyfull at both existences. one question he answer with that there is no ultimate way to go. all about yourself and the way you are. perfect so i still have a chance.

he supposed to be an event organiser, to get me into the scene. or at least try to, or tell me how it works.

the mall, new link road, andheri west,  mumbai, 8th may 2012

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