Sunday, 20 May 2012

getting somewhere...

banu, nilu's home, bandra, mumbai, may 2012

The maid and me are alone. Nilu, the owner of the place and relative of laila is done. To dubai. Not far from here. 2 hours flight.

So the maid and me alone. She cannot speak English, I am not Hindi. I do not mind she a bit more.  She is grumpy, I am working. That’s it. Sometimes I get out of my room, to get food, to smoke a cigarette, to get out of the house. That’s it.

Yesterday I was hungry. I went to the kitchen, searched for food. She cooks and another maid. I do not touch anything except from the microwave and the toaster, but that is also not true. Cause I make my own coffee. I cut my won fruits.

Sounds stupid but usually I should not do that. The maid is doing everything for you. Do you wanna have water. Yes please. Any snack. Welcome madam.

Stupid. Oh and I do my washing up/ anyways yesterday I came to kitchen, was hungry, saw rice. Thought about asking her, but was too hungry. Thought it is nonsense. She came saw it, was shocked. Her rice. I recognized. Wrong rice.

After the meal I apologized again. Not user what was the difference but I apologies. Apologized so much that she started to laugh, almost hugged me. Later she was singing next to me, shacked her hips.

I like her. I really have to say. Living together with no problems occurring in between makes you getting closer. Just he presence and the not expected bonding.

I lived with a lot of people together. Some of them were good, some not. All sorts of the best ones were those ones who were just there. Lived with you but neither he neither person nor you are craving for attention. And then it happens. Slowly without expectations.

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