Tuesday, 15 May 2012

another trial

counter, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
i wanted to write a review, for a change. everything i am writing about is me, outside, street, impressions, experience, stories.

but this is not what people want. people want to have quick, accessible information. broken up in a good, overlookable structure. keyworded so you can jump between information even quicker.

i am like that. i am terrible in reading newspaper. very bad. books, just if there is a incredible amount of time. fiction nearly never. before my book in goa almost non in the last year. in goa just because of the long train rides and no work.

sugar, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
nowadays it is quite a bit about being quick, accessing a lot of information in a short amount of time, not being able to deal with focusing and enjoyment of the moment. the enjoyment is still there, but in the quickness and the glimpse of being nowhere and everywhere.

not everybody is like that. i know. it is a certain breed of kids, me, who cannot be quick enough with knowing everything and making your individual, personalised choices, based on the huge amount of possibilities.

in new york i found a lot of people like me. at home some of them, in england, where i work sometimes sheldom.

in india i see a lot of them in a different way. they are quick, all over the place, multitasker, but then calm in their ways. in the moment.

package, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
anyway i wanted to write a shop review. for food.  because it should be famous, because a lot of people talk about it, because i wanted to go there anyway.

usually i never go and have dinner out. too expensive, and unnecessary. have  food at home as well.

but i do it, also because we have no bread, and my stomach is upset.

bagel, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
i collect information. scan the room. lot of people, lot of white people actually. good seating arrangments, ac.. people got advised to sit at a certain place. quite formal.  i still wanna have a take away. eed to go somewhere, also hate sitting in a cafe alone. not my thing anymore.

take away? no problem.  do you wanna sit down? no . sure? you ok?

i wait for a good while. not sure why a bagel with cream cheese and some tomatoes take so long, but well.

i wait, look around. most of the customers come here probably daily, come from the neighborhood, have good paid jobs, hang out here. to feel alone together.

reciept, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
final result: good athmosphere, good layout of the room, huge amount of choice, a bit pricie but it is ok. borderline. not for me every day but ok. customer service good. all fine.

but the bagel was bad. huge, far too huge, cream cheese plopping out of the sides, a few tomatoes for an extra overprise of half the sandwich. but that's all ok, would the bread not be taste like a one day old bread. weak and chewy. nothing i expect from a store which calls themselves bagelstore. even in a little scruffi deli in new york i would get better one.

wall, bagel shop, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012
i do not know what it is. do i find it boring to write about shops and food in general or do i not like to write about bad things.

I think writing about bad, negative things is nonsense. moaning is ineffective, waste time. there are so many good things out there to talk about, which are good also.

like the chai guy, close to assi ghat in varanasi, who made the most amazing chai in the world. gingery, sweet spicy, i would wait there for ages and would not mind all the other hipsters which i tried to run away from. ( because of intimidation). like the little street food store at the palolem beach close to the beach, where her was always a huge line of people waiting for their noodles or sandwich with eggs, who never gave me stomach ache and were fantastically made and cheap.

 or the chai guy in the little lanes of old delhi, next to the blue door, with whom i was fighting about the costs of a chai -which was 1 rupee more than anywhere else i was- but with whom and the rest of the usual 8 am customers i started to hang out at the end and exchanged chai experience.

too many good things, eij.

bagel shop, pali mala road, bandra, mumbai, 12th may 2012

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