Saturday, 5 May 2012

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breakfast, restaurant, hubli, april 30th 2012
A bit of a miracle. You spend a certain time with a person, people and then you split up and this person, which was foremost unknown and strange to you became to your best friend you cannot say good bye.

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When I left the family it was a bit like that. The family and me. Got to know in the morning, shooting them for a while, good amount of time, talked to them.

They were living on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Near a village. The family with his brother. Had some land, some water, an their electricity.

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He is an inventor, the father. Staring of when he was a c=young child in his head he started 15 years ago to invent, practice trial and error. Had something in his head, for a long time. Than in his hand, sometimes for days, sometimes for years, depending on his money.

He invents to improve. He sees his surrounding as a chance. For doing something for his favor.

landscape, siddappa's home, somapura, april 30th 2012

Most people thought he was crazy, while building on it, disappearing somewhere, spending his whole family on it.

Now they are proud of him. After the press came, scientist, after he got awards.

The amazing man who brought the power into the rural india. At the moment he is the only one who has electricity. Maybe soon more.  That would be his dream. If he has one.

He talks very quick his eyes are awake, his hands moving round, impatient. He laughs, looks afraid, expected. Interested.

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